Cell Phone Covers

cell phone coversIts 2012 and everyone has a cell phone and everyone knows how expensive they can be. Not only the expense but most people save things in there phone that aren’t saved anywhere else like pictures, contacts, memos, dates, etc. Everyone who has a cell phone also knows about the mishaps that come along with them and how upsetting it can be. So why not put your mind at ease and get a protective cover on your phone to save it from mishaps like scratches, cracks, or puddles. Read more »

Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying GuideBuying a mobile business laptop is a given in today’s quick moving mobile office business world. While a stationary brick and mortar office is still an option more and more business owners and workers are opting to take their office with them in the form of mobile business laptops. The kind of laptop needed depends on part on the individual and what it will be used for, but in general, there are a few things to look for in a good mobile business laptop. Read more »

Handoff Technology Research in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksWith the deployment of 2G and 3G cellular networks and WLAN, WiMax world widely, the next generation wireless networks are envisioned as heterogeneous networks with all sorts of wireless networks coexisting. For the diversity of these networks, each network has its in point applications and scenarios. How to fully utilize ubiquitous heterogeneous networks’ potential advantages has become many research personnel’s pursued goals. Vertical handoff among heterogeneous networks and horizontal handoff are important contents of mobility management in mobile communications. Next generation wireless networks have been envisioned with all-IP-based loose-coupled architecture. Vertical handoff decision manner has transformed from network-controled to terminal-controled. Read more »

Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor NetworkWireless sensor network have numerous applications which include area monitoring, environment monitoring, vehicle detection etc. It has wide range of applications and is used to monitor things. It is based on wireless network concept where devices that are spatially distributed are used. These devices are used for monitoring purposes and they monitor conditions like sound, pressure etc. And can be used at different locations. These are popularly used in war fields and were originally developed for that purpose. It is also used for industry purposes these days. In Industries it is used for machine health monitoring, healthcare monitoring etc. It is also effectively used in traffic control. Read more »

Factors Influencing Performance of Content Delivery Network

content delivery networkFrom sending wedding invitations to conducting business conferences, today almost every simple to complex task is done through Internet. The numbers of Internet users in every corner of the world have increased exponentially resulting in augmented traffic visiting website. To present visitors with the requested information in least amount of time, organizations have started using the facility of Content Delivery Network. Under this system, copies of data are created and stored on different computers present at different geographical locations. Apparently, the working of CDN seems hassle-free but it is quite complex in the real environment. To make any CDN successful, CDN providers have to take care of various factors which together influence the efficiency of the entire system. Read more »